A genealogist with a law degree, The Legal Genealogist Judy G. Russell, JD, CGSM , CGLSM , is a lecturer, educator and writer. [More]

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The law of the Conference

NGS offers lots on genealogy and law More than a thousand genealogists are in the process of descending on Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the 2016 National Genealogical Society conference, which get ...
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Those percentages, revisited

All over the map Take a careful look at the chart below showing the ethnicity estimates of four people based on their autosomal DNA testing. All four were tested at the same company, all four analy ...
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Naming names

And relationships too So all this week The Legal Genealogist has been romping through the laws of the Province and State of New York as they impacted Orange County. That's all been, in part, lea ...
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The Storm King

More stories in the statute books It was, there can be no doubt, a major feat in civil engineering for its time. Running along the Hudson River in the highlands of Storm King Mountain, the Storm ...
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Four-leggedy beasties

More than wolves and panthers So you're sitting there wondering if The Legal Genealogist is going to spend the whole week looking just at the laws of Orange County, New York. In fact, I may very ...
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