A genealogist with a law degree, The Legal Genealogist Judy G. Russell, JD, CGSM , CGLSM , is a lecturer, educator and writer. [More]

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Mapping the census

Not as easy as it sounds Reader Maureen was delighted with the Census Bureau publication that set out the directions to the census takers in each U.S. census from 1790 through 2000 that was feature ...
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Three years in a row!

In the ABAJ top 100 It all began around this time in 2013, when The Legal Genealogist got an email with a return address of americanbar.org — and almost deleted it. I figured it was a pitch f ...
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Read the directions

What the enumerators were told What's an "inmate" on a United States census return? Who was listed as the "head of household"? What was a "housekeeper"? And why in the world isn't the howe ...
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Time to MRCA

Proving John Locke Reader James Hawk made an exciting find -- he might be related to 17th century English philosopher and physician John Locke. That is Definitely Cool. In capital letters. Lo ...
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The little things

A memory of a touch It is, sometimes, the little things that mean the most. That stick with you the longest. That become the memories you cherish for a lifetime. The Legal Genealogist has ...
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