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2014 holiday wish list: DNA

All I want for Christmas Dear Santa, I've been good. Really good. I mean, really seriously good. Trust me! Okay, okay, so I didn't get caught this year either. But seriously, Sant ...
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The Christmas flowers

Now there is one It really hurt, that Christmas, when it hit home, forcefully, that I could not send flowers to my mother. I had sent them for years at Christmas time, something to brighten up t ...
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Last day to vote

If you haven't yet If you haven't already voted in the American Bar Association's 2014 Blawg 100 voting, there is still time! The voting ends at the close of business today, Friday, December 19t ...
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The ordinance

Why not a statute? So reader John D. of Louisiana tossed an email to The Legal Genealogist yesterday after reading about the creation of land offices in the Northwest Territory and the requirement ...
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Title of the bond

What's that called? Reader and friend Larry Head was doing what The Legal Genealogist so often recommends -- poking around the statute books -- when he realized that he wasn't entirely sure what to ...
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