A genealogist with a law degree, The Legal Genealogist Judy G. Russell, JD, CGSM , CGLSM , is a lecturer, educator and writer. [More]

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Guilty or not?

Missouri's manslaughter law So... did you watch Who Do You Think You Are? last night? The Legal Genealogist did. In a room with most of the 200 genealogists attending the Genealogical Researc ...
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We did it!

Worldwide Indexing Day a success! So the goal was to have 50,000 people indexing and arbitrating index entries over a 24-hour period. That would set a new record... not to mention getting one whale ...
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Today’s the day!

Reminder: it's pool day! Today is the day. There are only a few hours left. The Worldwide Indexing Event at FamilySearch is underway. You can read all about it here at The Legal Genealogi ...
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An open letter to my DNA cousins

Talk to me, please! Dear DNA cousins, You know who you are. You're the ones who've recently tested with 23andMe. Your results have only just come in within the last little while. One of yo ...
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Happy birthday to the prince

What's in a name, anyway? You can't help but feel sorry for those in The Legal Genealogist's family who take up the reins a couple of generations from now. I'd hate to be there while they try to ...
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