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Reprise: Oregon Constitution

The Beaver State (Note: In honor of, and to get ready for, The Legal Genealogist's trip to the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, this weekend, here's a reprise of this 2012 post about Oregon's constitu ...
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MyHeritage partners with 23andMe

Linking trees and DNA Big news on the genetic genealogy front today -- an announcement from MyHeritage that it has partnered with 23andMe to provide a tie-in between the DNA information of 23andMe ...
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Volunteer parents

Access to Tennessee adoption records The question came up at the Tennessee Genealogical Society seminar this past Saturday, as it so often does. How can we as genealogists get access to adoption ...
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The hapless haplogroup

That and $2.29 = coffee It's another one of those things that comes up all the time in genetic genealogy. Someone, somewhere, will tell you that you don't really need to do YDNA testing -- the k ...
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Yes, it was

The rest of the marriage story Tomorrow marks the 98th anniversary of the day when a pair of 18-year-olds stood before a Texas judge and exchanged their wedding vows. And a year ago, The Legal G ...
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