Gone fishin’ …

Site maintenance

Okay so maybe The Legal Genealogist isn’t really fishing.

(Actually, with a mother raised in west Texas, I never even learned to like fish. Or maybe it was just that they never liked me.)

But there’s a general behind-the-scenes upgrade of the website going on to bring it up to date, perform needed maintenance and improve security in general so it’s necessary to take a breather for a day or two.

You may find the site down from time to time if you visit while the upgrade is in progress.

Not to worry; it’s just temporary.

(I hope.)

Wish me luck and I’ll catch you on the far side of the upgrade.

Or maybe just on the far side…

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2 Responses to Gone fishin’ …

  1. Linda Wilky says:

    Judy, do your west Texas relatives use the phrase: [Hotter, wilder, dryer, etc.] than a west Texas wind?
    My husband’s family on the paternal side were early settlers in Texas, and they always said this. I’d never heard it before I heard it from them, being a Kansas kid. Just wondering.

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      I haven’t heard them use that phrase, Linda — but having been in west Texas, I sure know what they mean!

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