Into every life…

…a little rain must fall

And if it were only a little, The Legal Genealogist wouldn’t be whining this morning and might even have a blog post written.

Illustration of a Little Girl Holding an Umbrella Upturned by PoBut — alas — a little rain doesn’t leave inches and inches of water in your basement when the storm sewers back up.

While you’re 500 miles west at the Ohio Genealogical Society conference. (Great conference, by the way! Kudos to the organizers for a wonderful job!)

And a little rain doesn’t take out the heater element of your water heater.

The heater element for which parts won’t be available for at least two days.

While you’re trying to get ready to head out the door to the National Genealogical Society conference in Richmond tomorrow…

And a little rain doesn’t leave you needing to take care of about a kazillion things before you head out the door to said National Genealogical Society conference in Richmond tomorrow…



The Legal Genealogist is going offline for as long as it takes to regroup, figure out how to do laundry and take showers and wash dishes and the like without a working hot water heater.

Catch you in a day or two or three…

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10 Responses to Into every life…

  1. Mary Beth Figgins says:

    We understand and will wait patiently :) . My husband’s had the same problem just trying to get back in his cabinet shop to get jobs out. First a packrat under the hood of his car eating wires, etc. Then the septic tank had problems and the sewer lines on our side of the duplex. Sunday it was the lines on our renter’s side. Sigh . . . Sunshine will come out.

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      I’m really not that upset, Mary Beth, not after listening to the stories of the plumber who came yesterday to get the furnace and washer and dryer working and who diagnosed the water heater. He kept telling me about the finished basements in our area that were impacted… For me, at least, it’s just a laundry room. So an annoyance and a darned inconvenient one, given the timing. But just an annoyance.

  2. Chuck Harper says:

    Miss Judy,
    Considering what has happened, your readers should understand why there’s no blogs for the next few days. A loyal reader for the past year or so.
    Chuck Harper (AKA Chuck Lnu)

  3. Skip Murray says:

    I feel for you! We have water in the basement every few years. It is a pain in the wazooooo. We now have our furnace and hot water heater up off the floor and on 2 layers of cement blocks to keep them out of the water. All plug ins are up high by the ceiling and we have a sump pump (that forgets to kick in when water is present).

    Now that I’ve out foxed the water wrecking my furnace and hot water heater , my hot water heater just randomly quits working and we put a $9 part in it and kazam!, it works again.

    This country girl has learned to keep a clean metal bucket handy, because you just never know when you’re going to have to fire up the wood stove and heat water for the dishes or a sponge bath. :)

    Hope that hot water heater part arrives quicker than they estimate. Have a great time on your next trip. I’ll pray for no rain for you folks for a few days, so you can dry out a bit.

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      Thanks, Skip! The weather here is gorgeous today — so we are drying out. Whew… now if that part just comes in…

  4. Amy says:

    Good luck. I hope it all works out and that you are back up and running as soon as possible.

  5. Brian says:

    Hope all is getting better and the water is gone. If you want you could send all the water to California, we could use it. A loyal reader for the past year or so. Keep the good information coming.

    • Judy G. Russell says:

      Thanks, Brian! I’d be happy to send the water your way… but it doesn’t seem Mother Nature wants to cooperate!

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