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Broad rights granted in license One of the big buzzes in the genealogical community right now is the ability to create multimedia stories of our families on various websites. Just add a few facts — names, dates, places — upload … Continue reading

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A day for research Hard to believe it is Labor Day already! Where has 2014 gone? Kids back in school, days growing shorter… fall is right around the corner. As genealogists, we may all appreciate Labor Day as a day … Continue reading

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Thank you!!!! First, the proof. (a) The Legal Genealogist was up — awake, moving, okay, maybe also whining and whimpering — at oh-dark-thirty. (You may not accept that I was actually out of bed at 5:36 a.m., but think about … Continue reading

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Can we break $50,000? Okay… here’s the deal. There’s going to be this walk, see, here in San Antonio, Texas, in less than 24 hours. Every dollar donated to sponsor a walker in this special Preserve the Pensions campaign right … Continue reading

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Sightseeing! Seriously. Can you believe it? The Legal Genealogist, goofing off, even? Doing no work at all but just (gasp) out seeing the sights? How ’bout you come see them with me? The River Walk That last one, by the … Continue reading

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San Antonio! It’s time for the Federation of Genealogical Societies to shine in the Lone Star State: the 2014 FGS Conference is underway here in San Antonio. Yesterday was Librarians’ Day; today is Societies’ Day; the general conference gets underway … Continue reading

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Literally So The Legal Genealogist is on the road today… Gone to Texas! To the 2014 Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference in San Antonio, to be precise. The city where my great grandparents were married in 1896. The state where … Continue reading

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98 years of National Parks It is a most unprepossessing piece of legislation, the act that appears in volume 39 of the U.S. Statutes at Large. It begins, mundanely, by noting that it was “enacted by the Senate and House … Continue reading

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Richard Ivan Moore, 1939-2014 “Am I a keeper?” he asked. The question came unexpectedly at the end of the visit where The Legal Genealogist had gotten to know members of the extended family for the first time. It came about … Continue reading

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Only in our hearts Thursday of this past week would have been her 116th birthday. My grandmother, Opal E. Robertson, oldest of the four children of Jasper and Eula (Baird) Robertson, was born 21 August 1898, in Eagle Lake, Colorado … Continue reading

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