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If you haven’t yet If you haven’t already voted in the American Bar Association’s 2014 Blawg 100 voting, there is still time! The voting ends at the close of business today, Friday, December 19th, which probably means somewhere around 5 … Continue reading

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Why not a statute? So reader John D. of Louisiana tossed an email to The Legal Genealogist yesterday after reading about the creation of land offices in the Northwest Territory and the requirement that federal officials involved in those land … Continue reading

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What’s that called? Reader and friend Larry Head was doing what The Legal Genealogist so often recommends — poking around the statute books — when he realized that he wasn’t entirely sure what to call something he was coming across … Continue reading

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Order the scanned files Let’s face it. Genealogists are cheap. We want everything, we want it now, and — heaven forfend — we do not want to pay for it. We don’t want to pay for subscriptions to websites. We … Continue reading

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Would you please…? The Legal Genealogist would greatly appreciate a minute of your time, and a vote in this blog’s favor. Because I really don’t mind losing. There are some great blogs that are also in the running. I just … Continue reading

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DNA testing and reliability Reader Wilma Bittinger was dismayed when her daughter sent her a link to an article on DNA testing that was published online in 2013. Originally titled “DNA Ancestry Tests Are Meaningless for Your Genealogy Search,” the … Continue reading

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Without fail This is the time of the year when our thoughts turn to holidays and holiday traditions. In some families, the kids went Christmas caroling. In some families, the kids played with dreidels and lit the candles of the … Continue reading

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Next in an occasional series on copyright. It’s impossible to be a genealogist — or at least a good genealogist — without paying attention to the family Bible. Repository of so many facts (and, often, so many fancies) of family … Continue reading

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The language of the law. Part Latin, part Anglo-Saxon, all confusing. So The Legal Genealogist had an absolute ball doing that webinar Tuesday for the Friends of the National Archives-Southeast Region on patents, and almost immediately had a question by … Continue reading

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Some gems for 2015 Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a galaxy far away, there used to be an excuse for bad genealogy. Learning how to do it, to do things right, often meant traveling long distances … Continue reading

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