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Genealogy cruises So, people ask, why should we consider going on a genealogy cruise? It’s a question that leaves The Legal Genealogist completely baffled. Why wouldn’t you consider going on a genealogy cruise? Consider, for example, the Alaska cruise offered … Continue reading

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Enough with the hype You knew it was coming. You knew it was inevitable. You knew that sooner or later somebody was going to come up with the idea of adding that little button somewhere in the vicinity of AncestryDNA’s … Continue reading

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The name’s not the same It was a lesson not to be forgotten, taught by Uncle Ray. He was The Legal Genealogist‘s uncle by marriage, the husband of my mother’s sister Carol. And, I remember, as I was just learning … Continue reading

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What really was lost in 1897 Given The Legal Genealogist‘s deep German roots (my father was born in Germany and emigrated as a child), it’s always a pleasure to speak to the German Genealogy Group in New York, and last … Continue reading

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A big records access win Sometimes, in the genealogical community, it seems like we lose every battle of importance when it comes to records access. We lost the fight to keep the Social Security Death Index fully open — and … Continue reading

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A Case Study of Memorials for Union Soldiers Guest post by Jake Fletcher If your ancestor was an officer for the Union Army during the Civil War, there is a good chance his immediate family and the community published a … Continue reading

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No super moon eclipse here There will be no genealogy in The Legal Genealogist today. Nope. I’m pouting. Because my personal family history pages came up blank last night. You see, in case you didn’t notice, Mother Nature did something … Continue reading

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GenealogyInTime’s 2015 list Still wondering if DNA is really part of mainstream genealogy? Wonder no longer. GenealogyInTime Magazine just published its list of Top 100 Genealogy Websites of 2015.1 This is a list that “profiles and ranks the best ancestral … Continue reading

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One missing little girl It goes without saying in genealogy. You have to read every word. Every single character, in every single field, in every single document. It doesn’t matter what the document is. It doesn’t matter what particular use … Continue reading

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The Detroit Public Library’s special collections So The Legal Genealogist is off on another adventure — to Detroit today, and tomorrow’s 10th Annual Family History Festival at the Detroit Public Library, co-sponsored by the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, Fred … Continue reading

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