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One more set identified As those who joined The Legal Genealogist and Legacy Family Tree Webinars yesterday for “Martha Benschura: Enemy Alien” know now, when the United States entered World War I, a new rule was imposed on citizens of … Continue reading

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Military naturalizations It’s a single volume in the records of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Volume 122, it is, of the naturalization records of the court.1 On the left hand inside cover is … Continue reading

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Three states, one case Probate records are among the best genealogical records that exist. When there is a will, it’s usually the case that the deceased names family members who are to receive his property after his death and does … Continue reading

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Free webinar tomorrow Genealogists tend to be the storytellers of the family. The ones who ferret out, record, and pass on the details. But how do we do that — and do it well? What’s needed in the story to … Continue reading

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Overreaction It was probably inevitable the moment the very first headline appeared online, inaccurately accusing Ancestry of handing over DNA data without a court order. That never happened, but the mere accusation that it did was enough. And the entire … Continue reading

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Updated edition available late May One of the key elements of doing genealogy the right way is making sure we cite our sources. It’s not just to make sure we can follow the breadcrumbs back to wherever we found a … Continue reading

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Some things to look forward to It can be really hard, on the days when a major genealogical conference is going on halfway across the continent, to be stuck at home, at work, away from all the fun. And it … Continue reading

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Missouri law and the rivers Let the river run Let all the dreamers Wake the nation – Carly Simon – Let The River Run. It seems like the whole genealogical world has converged on St. Charles, Missouri, for the 2015 … Continue reading

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NGS kicks off tomorrow! It’s NGS week! Hard to believe that after all the hard work, all the preparation, all the efforts of the Conference Committee and volunteers and local host society, the National Genealogical Society Conference for 2015 is … Continue reading

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Missouri’s bad boys statute So the genealogical world — or at least the United States contingent — descends in force on St. Charles, Missouri, this week for the 2015 conference of the National Genealogical Society. There are preliminary events taking … Continue reading

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