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Thanks to the searchers The Legal Genealogist isn’t seeing too well this morning. Perhaps there’s a bit of the residue of sleep in my eyes. Perhaps there’s a bleary remnant of the mulled cider my family shared last night. Most … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas Dear Santa, I’ve been good. Really good. I mean, really seriously good. Trust me! Okay, okay, so I didn’t get caught this year either. But seriously, Santa, there are a few things I would love … Continue reading

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DNA testing and reliability Reader Wilma Bittinger was dismayed when her daughter sent her a link to an article on DNA testing that was published online in 2013. Originally titled “DNA Ancestry Tests Are Meaningless for Your Genealogy Search,” the … Continue reading

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Every one you can! There are always a lot of reader questions about what DNA test to take and who to test for the best results for genealogy. The Legal Genealogist‘s standard answer is: test everyone you can afford to … Continue reading

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The winter of our discontent It was nearly two years ago, in February 2013, that genetic genealogists and history buffs everywhere — The Legal Genealogist among them — held their collective breath. Would it be…? Could it be…? Was it … Continue reading

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What test to take It’s a question that packs an emotional punch, no matter how many times The Legal Genealogist hears it. And it came up again yesterday from reader Katie. “Which DNA test do you recommend,” she asked, “if … Continue reading

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DNA holiday sale time! The Legal Genealogist readily admits it. I am a sucker for a DNA sale. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so it’s not Sunday and here I am writing about DNA again. So sue me. It’s a sale, for … Continue reading

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Another Battles match The Legal Genealogist has said it before and will (I devoutly hope) say it again and again: I love cousins. I especially love cousins who are willing to donate just that little bit of themselves that allows … Continue reading

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The good, the bad and the ugly So yesterday was the rollout of the changes in matching systems for folks who’ve had DNA tests at AncestryDNA. And, as usual, there’s good news and bad news in the changes. Enough to … Continue reading

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Y me??? With a second great grandfather like George Washington Cottrell, DNA testing was an obvious choice for The Legal Genealogist. George — my favorite ancestor — is my rogue. My rascal. My family scoundrel.1 And he’s undoubtedly my nemesis. … Continue reading

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