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The X match One of the most exciting things about working with DNA testing in genealogy is how fast things are changing, and how much we can learn with new tools that are becoming available. And boy did that make … Continue reading

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We get Y with a little help from our friends With all the attention paid to autosomal DNA testing these days — with good reason, since it’s the newest, most complicated, most difficult (and most fun!) DNA test to work … Continue reading

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Back by popular demand One big question in the genetic genealogy community in 2013 was: “if we hold it, will they come?” The Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS) and the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) took a big risk … Continue reading

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New tool at FTDNA So there’s a brand-new tool at Family Tree DNA this week to help with our autosomal DNA analysis. And boy is it going to take some getting used to… What we were handed was a way … Continue reading

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2013 DNA retrospective Here we are, in the last days of 2013, and today is the last DNA Sunday of the year. So it’s time to stop for a moment, and reflect. What were the top DNA stories for the … Continue reading

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My DNA Christmas wish list Dear Santa, I’ve been good. Really good. I mean, seriously, really good. Okay, so I didn’t get caught. But you’re still going to at least consider my Christmas wish list, right? Especially if I don’t … Continue reading

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Who you are — and aren’t Both Family Tree DNA and 23andMe rolled out updated tools for reviewing autosomal DNA results this past week — a new matrix tool at Family Tree DNA and a modified Ancestry Composition at 23andMe. … Continue reading

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Go for the paper trail Here’s a news flash from The Legal Genealogist, a/k/a the geek who never met a DNA test I wouldn’t take: DNA isn’t always the answer. Sometimes it just can’t answer the question you have. Case … Continue reading

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Bows to FDA demands; good for NY and MD? DNA testing company 23andMe yesterday suspended its health-related testing in compliance with an FDA directive issued last month. Ancestry-related DNA tests will continue without interruption and raw genetic data will continue … Continue reading

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Native American YDNA None of us, The Legal Genealogist included, who count ourselves among the DNA geeks of genealogy are in this solely because of its utility in linking one generation to another in our own family trees. No, scratch … Continue reading

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