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Promethease: a place to start It is and has always been a common question among people thinking about DNA testing, and it’s one that’s perplexing reader Madge Gunia. “Where should I go for info on health and family members?” she … Continue reading

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What’s your number? So… did you test with National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 project? If so, the International Society of Genetic Genealogists (ISOGG) — and The Legal Genealogist — and the entire genetic genealogy community — we all have a question … Continue reading

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Linking family trees and DNA You might, if you were so inclined, call it the Holy Grail of genetic genealogy. Putting your tree online with your genetic information, and having it link — automatically — to everyone else you’re related … Continue reading

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Show-and-tell for DNA info If there’s one thing people complain about, over and over, it’s that figuring out how to really use DNA testing in genealogy is hard. And they’re right. The Legal Genealogist agrees 100%. It is hard. And … Continue reading

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Paternal DNA Once again, it’s Father’s Day and DNA Sunday here at The Legal Genealogist … so how better to celebrate the day than to give the men in my direct paternal line the gift of more information on their … Continue reading

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DNA samples will be destroyed Last week, Ancestry announced that it was discontinuing two types of DNA tests — the YDNA test (the male line testing of the DNA passed from father to son to son and so on) and … Continue reading

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Preserving the evidence “Family history is in our DNA,” reads the ad at AncestryDNA’s website. “What’s in yours?” Anyone who has paid attention to the DNA offerings at in recent months couldn’t have been surprised by the announcement this … Continue reading

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The genetic one, that is… One of the very best things about genealogy is having a genealogy buddy: someone who shares the passion and — if you’re very very lucky — an awful lot of your genes. The Legal Genealogist … Continue reading

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DNA education It’s probably the one thing The Legal Genealogist hears most often about DNA testing and its use in genealogy. The frustrated wails. “It’s too complicated.” “I’m not a scientist.” “I don’t understand.” All of which I do understand. … Continue reading

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And maybe never The Legal Genealogist wants everyone who’s ever taken a DNA test that provides a set of ethnicity or admixture estimate percentages to repeat after me: “It’s not soup yet.”1 And it may never be. So… while I … Continue reading

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