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Don’t be fooled Judging from the inbox of The Legal Genealogist (and of every genetic genealogist I know), it happens all too often. And it’s just happened again. Reader Theresa wrote in just yesterday: “I purchased AncestrybyDNA — a waste … Continue reading

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… for three lucky readers In case you hadn’t noticed, The Legal Genealogist is a DNA junkie. More money has gone out of this household in the last few years for DNA tests than for some entire categories of normal … Continue reading

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…is a DNA test kit So… if that’s you this year, if what you really want for Christmas is a DNA test kit … which one do you get? If The Legal Genealogist could get everybody who has asked that … Continue reading

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The problems at 23andMe It was big news last month when 23andMe got approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to resume issuing health-related reports as part of its testing.1 A relatively insignificant element for genealogists who’ve tested with … Continue reading

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DNA tests on sale It’s that time of year again … and The Legal Genealogist just can’t resist. I’m a sucker for a DNA sale. DNA tests give us the chance to fish for cousins, using our DNA as bait, … Continue reading

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Proving John Locke Reader James Hawk made an exciting find — he might be related to 17th century English philosopher and physician John Locke. That is Definitely Cool. In capital letters. Locke — born in 1632 in Wrighton, Somerset, England … Continue reading

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Musings on a sad Sunday The Legal Genealogist rarely deviates from genealogy into politics, and even more rarely on a Sunday — a day this blog sets aside for discussions of how genealogists can use DNA to help prove relationships. … Continue reading

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Good news, bad news, mixed news There’s good news and bad news in the genetic genealogy world this week. The good news is, things are changing. The bad news is, thing are changing. Good good news Unabashedly good news came … Continue reading

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Why they’re not better… What they’re good for In case you’ve lived on the Dark Side of the moon for the past few years, here’s a “news” flash: the Legal Genealogist is not a fan of ethnicity estimates. Those percentages … Continue reading

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A mixed bag for genealogy Let’s get this out of the way up front: The Legal Genealogist has never been much of a fan of 23andMe for genetic genealogy testing. I know there are genealogists who swear by it, and … Continue reading

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