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Videos from I4GG now available So you missed the first Institute for Genetic Genealogy (I4GG) near Washington, D.C., in August. A first-ever gathering of more than 400 people who wanted to know more about DNA and its use in genealogical … Continue reading

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Something to plan for So the question came up more than once yesterday when The Legal Genealogist and the Chicago Genealogical Society together explored the uses of DNA in genealogical research at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library: Who owns your … Continue reading

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DNA and Jack the Ripper You have to love it. Even the possibility that DNA could solve the coldest of cold cases just has to make a genetic genealogist smile. And though there are a fair number of as-yet-unanswered question, … Continue reading

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DNA in DC Wow. That’s all The Legal Genealogist can say. It’s all any of us who were fortunate enough to attend the first Institute for Genetic Genealogy, held this past weekend in the Washington, D.C., area, can say. Wow. … Continue reading

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Don’t wait… Hundreds of genealogists are gathering this weekend in Chevy Chase, Maryland, talking and learning about using genetics and DNA to help understand our family history. And that hurts. Because there’s a member if my family who would have … Continue reading

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Tomorrow! So… where will you be tomorrow? And Saturday? And Sunday? Now The Legal Genealogist knows it’s August. That means it’s summer. The beaches are calling. The mountains are whispering your name. But there’s something else calling… the inaugural 2014 … Continue reading

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Those “old tests” are not so “old hat” It’s an understandable question these days, with all the emphasis on autosomal DNA and finding cousins out there with whom to share our research efforts. “Is there any value any more,” people … Continue reading

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DNA and the GPS Alphabet soup It’s a question that leaves The Legal Genealogist utterly baffled. Yet we hear it all the time. From individuals looking at what they see as brick walls in their own genealogy. From researchers looking … Continue reading

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Jealous no more! Did you sit there this past week, turning green at the posts from students in the DNA class at the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh? Did you try to get into one of the DNA courses at … Continue reading

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Talk to me, please! Dear DNA cousins, You know who you are. You’re the ones who’ve recently tested with 23andMe. Your results have only just come in within the last little while. One of you is projected to be The … Continue reading

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