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Not as easy as it sounds Reader Maureen was delighted with the Census Bureau publication that set out the directions to the census takers in each U.S. census from 1790 through 2000 that was featured in Monday’s blog post, Read … Continue reading

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What the enumerators were told What’s an “inmate” on a United States census return? Who was listed as the “head of household”? What was a “housekeeper”? And why in the world isn’t the however-many-great-grandaunt born in May listed on the … Continue reading

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The case of the collision The Legal Genealogist is familiar, as we all are, with the phrase about two ships passing in the night. The notion is that, in the darkness out at sea, two ships can pass even fairly … Continue reading

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More than just immigration It was not just a single building. Not just the great iconic main hall through which millions of immigrants streamed and that has become so associated in the public mind with the very name: Ellis Island. … Continue reading

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Kudos to Harvard Law! Forty thousand law books. Forty million pages, give or take a few. Court decisions that begin with cases that were decided before the Constitution of the United States was even written. And — coming soon to … Continue reading

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For good beer! It was a good year, 1722, in the Province of Pennsylvania. The Legal Genealogist is sure of that, having spent yesterday evening deep in the pages of the Pennsylvania Statutes at Large. Yes, there’s another trip coming … Continue reading

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Midwestern style When you’re as enthusiastic about old musty dusty law books as The Legal Genealogist is, you kind of lose sight of the fact that, sometimes, somebody has done up the laws in a simpler, easier, more readable style … Continue reading

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That Indiana writ In 1838, at the end of its 22nd session, the Indiana Legislature authorized and published the Revised Statutes of the State of Indiana. Published by Douglass & Noel, Printers, in Indianapolis, the laws were arranged, compiled, and … Continue reading

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A tip of the hat to friend Nancy So… yesterday, The Legal Genealogist had some fun outlining some of the various private laws you might be able to find in just one volume of Kentucky statutes, dating from December 1808 … Continue reading

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Kentucky’s private laws The Legal Genealogist, in case you hadn’t noticed, loves law books. Any kind of law books. Court record books. Law dictionaries. Legal treatises. And most of all, the statute books. The session law books. The day-to-day things … Continue reading

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