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Paid to “loyal” owners It was February 1864. The war had dragged on for nearly three years. And both sides were desperately concerned about one irreplaceable resource: manpower. Southern conscription laws, bitterly resisted by some Confederate states, had gone into … Continue reading

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Underutilized resources It is a supreme irony that genealogists in general assume that they could never find anything useful for their family history in the records of one particular court. The Supreme Court of the United States. And it’s ironic … Continue reading

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Copyright guide from US Copyright Office It is 1,288 pages long. It has very few graphics or illustrations. Some of it is in fairly technical language. On the downloadable version, the internal links don’t work but rather take you back … Continue reading

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The maybe-the-clue-is-there document Reader Jane Mackesy was delighted to locate the 1877 naturalization petition of one William Atchison, a man she thinks could be her second great grandfather, and language in the petition gave her hope that she might be … Continue reading

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Historical weather info Okay, so The Legal Genealogist is a little distracted today. The forecast is for more than a foot of snow, maybe more than two feet of snow throughout the northeastern states, even here in Central New Jersey. … Continue reading

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Library at risk in budget cuts One of Indiana’s great treasures, of immense value to genealogists, is on the political chopping block. Will you join The Legal Genealogist in speaking out against a proposal to kill the Genealogy Department at … Continue reading

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Two certificates, or more It never fails. Finish a blog post, get it posted, sit back, and somebody is sure to do it. Somebody will remind The Legal Genealogist of questions that woulda-coulda-shoulda been addressed the first time around. Yesterday … Continue reading

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That other death certificate The question popped up on a Facebook group, and a reader promptly alerted The Legal Genealogist to this most interesting issue. Why would a death certificate be issued by the State of Montana when the person … Continue reading

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The issue of the strays Reader Teresa Kahle was puzzled by some early New England records reflecting the handling of stray animals. “In Suffolk Deeds, I’m seeing many notices regarding the finding of stray animals like cows and horses,” she … Continue reading

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Order the scanned files Let’s face it. Genealogists are cheap. We want everything, we want it now, and — heaven forfend — we do not want to pay for it. We don’t want to pay for subscriptions to websites. We … Continue reading

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