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Laws to change names “Oh,” so many people say, “there’s nothing to be found in those old law books that’s worth the effort of finding them.” “Oh,” The Legal Genealogist hears time and again, “there’s really not going to be … Continue reading

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No strikeout here!! This is a day when The Legal Genealogist should be totally distracted. When deadlines, new lectures, syllabus materials and even (gasp) the pay-the-bills job should all be set aside for a few hours. When instead of census … Continue reading

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Maryland’s early vital statistics law It was one of those laws that The Legal Genealogist loves … indeed, that would warm the cockles of the heart of any genealogist anywhere. Passed by the General Assembly of Maryland — that state’s … Continue reading

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One-stop shopping This Saturday, March 26th, The Legal Genealogist is getting together with a whole bunch of Maryland genealogists at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore for the Pratt Annual Genealogy Lecture — four lectures, in all, focusing on … Continue reading

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Arizona Memory Project So this past weekend The Legal Genealogist had the chance to spend a whole day, and then some, reviewing the law and genealogy with the Family History Society of Arizona. It was a blast. And it was … Continue reading

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State and federal private laws In March of 1837, a New Englander named Horace White arrived in what is now Rock County, Wisconsin, and decided to stay. He was acting, in part, as the agent of the New England Emigrating … Continue reading

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Not a history to be proud of There is often a dark side to genealogical records. Something in a record or in a document we find that shines a light on something in ourselves, or our families, or our histories, … Continue reading

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Mississippi laws and lists There’s very little that’s as useful genealogically as a school census. Putting children together into a household, particularly in a non-regular-census year, can be the clue we’re looking for when we’re trying to establish relationships or … Continue reading

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The stories in the law book There are always stories to be found in those dusty old law books. Sometimes the most powerful and compelling stories of all. And all we need to do is look for them. Case in … Continue reading

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Nope, it’s NOT all online There’s a really interesting statute that was passed by the Mississippi legislature in 1819, dealing with the licensing of physicians and surgeons. None of us, The Legal Genealogist included, tend to think of medical licensing … Continue reading

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