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Treasury 3227 Reader Tom Phelps reported that he had “old copies of what appear to be applications for a Social Security Number, but they are a US Treasury Department Form 3227 (Application for Account Number).” And, he said, “I gather … Continue reading

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Did the lawyer appear before the High Court? Reader Jane Irish Nelson posed a great question to The Legal Genealogist: “My great-grandfather, James Tipton Cutler (1869-1933), a lawyer in Evansville, Indiana, supposedly argued a case before the Supreme Court. How … Continue reading

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Historical laws in one place In anticipation of tomorrow’s Genealogy and the Law day — the annual seminar of the Genealogical Society of Bergen County in Mahwah — The Legal Genealogist has been poking around the old law books again. … Continue reading

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Documenting the American South Southern U.S. research can be… um … challenging. That’s a good word for amazingly annoyingly hair-pulling-out why-did-my-people-live-where-courthouses-burned frustrating. Yesterday The Legal Genealogist got another dose of that frustration. I’m chasing one of my families through North … Continue reading

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At the Library of Virginia There is so much that The Legal Genealogist could say about this wonderful weekend in Virginia. I could start with a great big “Thank You!” to the Genealogical Research Institute of Virginia (GRIVA) for serving … Continue reading

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In the pages of the lawbooks Every so often, The Legal Genealogist comes across someone who looks at the sheer volume of statutory law that may have some genealogical value and is aghast. “There can’t really,” the person may whimper, … Continue reading

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Researching Virginia’s early laws So The Legal Genealogist is off again this weekend (can you tell it’s conference season?) and this time to a state through which just about all of my mother’s ancestors passed at one point or another … Continue reading

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With the so big message It’s just a little book, really. Only 58 pages including the index. Okay, so it goes all the way up to 62 pages if you throw in the introduction and the table of contents. It’s … Continue reading

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Through HeinOnline and the Law Library of Congress “Guilty as charged, yer Honor.” The Legal Genealogist most certainly is, without a doubt, a law geek. And I am totally geeking out over yesterday’s announcement by the Law Library of Congress … Continue reading

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Notice is hereby given … Janet Iles hit the ball out of the genealogy research park when she asked, in a blog post yesterday, “Do you check newspaper advertisements when doing your family research?” The retired Canadian library technician who … Continue reading

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