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Milestones, 2018

Looking back to 2017, forward to 2018 Stories in The Legal Genealogist’s family take us back a long way in America on the maternal side and in Germany on the paternal side. Stories that begin, in this country, in the late 1600s. Stories in Germany that we can take all...

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Speaking institutionally

Mark your calendar for registration Sometime very soon, much of the genealogical community will be overtaken by jealousy. Jealousy of all those who are heading off to what The Legal Genealogist calls summer (or winter) camp for genealogists. Jealousy of those who'll...

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Rules of my road: 2018

Not legal advice! So many reader questions come in that are beyond what The Legal Genealogist can answer in this blog, because they're asking for legal advice. Um... that's not what this blog is all about. Not what this blog can do. It's necessary, or at least...

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New light in the Show Me State

Missouri releases original birth certificates It's called the Show Me State ... and, yesterday, on the first workday of the year, Missouri did just that for hundreds, potentially even thousands, of adoptees: it showed them. Because yesterday, the first official work...

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Looking ahead: 2018

Speaking out in 2018 The Legal Genealogist is quite certain that it will come as a great surprise to everyone out there. You would never ever have guessed that ... well ... I like to talk about genealogy. I know, I know. Such a shocking revelation.[1. Yes, indeed, my...

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Happy New Year 2018!

And an anniversary here at TLG Six years ago today, the very first post appeared here at The Legal Genealogist. It explained that, in part: My purpose in writing The Legal Genealogist is, in part, to help folks understand the often arcane and even impenetrable legal...

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DNA resolutions for 2018

Starting the New Year off right So here we are on the last Sunday -- and last day! -- of 2017, and it's time again for The Legal Genealogist to stop for a minute and take stock on the DNA side of genealogy. It's the perfect time to stop, and think, and look back and...

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New Year’s traditions

Not many... but one so missed As we hit the last family Saturday here of 2017, our thoughts turn to family traditions for celebrating the New Year. Thinking back, The Legal Genealogist's German-born father really didn't have any New Year's traditions that he brought...

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The Official TLG 2017 Thank You List

To the hosts and more of 2017 It isn't really already...? How can it be...? Seriously...? Can it really be the last workday of 2017 already? Already. Looking back, it's been yet another whirlwind year where I’ve had the chance to meet folks from a wide variety of...

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The returns of the 2017 season

What to do with the returns cash Okay. Let's all admit it. Come on. Say it out loud and get it over with. Here... The Legal Genealogist will go first:      Not everything we got for Christmas was a hit. Yep, folks, that soap-on-a-rope just...

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